Saturday, August 29, 2015

One good adventure, deserves another...

I AM EXHAUSTED! Two trips to try and gather everything I could, and I have left so much behind. You know what?

It's a funny thing, stuff.

Stuff is usually all the stuff we wanted, but I don't think we ever anticipated how well most of that stuff holds us down. Now, after packing and squeezing all that stuff I've needed so badly, I can't even walk into Target without thinking 'this is more stuff than I've ever needed.'

Stuff becomes, crap.

Wanderlust and stuff go together just as well as pickles and licorice, and if you enjoy that combo then once again my metaphors are at a complete loss. Just think of two things that don't jive well together, and you have a recipe for more useless desires.

If you're about to get married, and you've registered for an air popcorn maker and a ton of other cool gadgets, I just want to fast forward you to your first Goodwill trip/Garage Sale where you will both scratch your heads and say 'when did we get all this stuff?'..

The worst part about stuff, is that by the time you've invested your money in a lot of it, you will find that you really need the capital from it to do something actually meaningful, like;

Have Kids.
Give to a great cause.

Yeah, I have a thing for shoes. It still qualifies as stuff, though. Bummer.

So, I urge you as one person who has acquired two other little people and all of their stuff, to get rid of some stuff and get out there and...


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  1. I think it takes a move or getting new carpet (it's like moving but, you haven't gone anywhere) to realize how much stuff we have! When it cools down, I want to hit the garage for decluttering!