Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Go and Love

Stories are meant to be told in full, this one has just begun. I sat in my room one night, staring at the ceiling and thinking about the last 10 years. How fast and how swift God's grace and mercy can pick you up from where you call out and plead 'Rescue Me', and the years seem like mere minutes.
They're still years, and although I feel pretty young and in denial of my current age 'box', I can't help but think of what may be left in the hourglass.
I am only flesh and bone.
My spirit, she's infinite and she forgets that this body is a loaner. 
I sat and thought, 
"Whatever it is you want me to do, let's DO IT!' 
I didn't want to waste any more time, because while I was spending my minutes I couldn't help but feel I was putting God's blessings on HOLD.
It'd been over 10 years since I sang, and now I'm singing again!
Sweet baby Jesus how I love to sing, with kids and congregations, in the car and the shower, and my own home with my kids.
Have you ever had dreams where you're flying?
It feels like that!
I thought when I asked God to start whatever he wanted me to do last week it would have something to do with SINGING. It may still, but this was CRAZY.
It was obvious, and absolutely the worst timing, illogical, impractical, timing.
That usually means it's God's timing.
What is he thinking, doesn't he know where things are in my life right now like completely and terrifyingly UPSIDE DOWN?!
Yes, that is exactly where things are.
Yes, that is exactly where he's always been.

Although I can't fully explain the details right now, I can't wait to say..
"TA DAH!!!"

It's crazy.
It's trading a thousand tears, for 1001 Kisses.

It's that good..

No, it's better than anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for.

Bella grabbed this vase, and ran around the house finding any cash she could, in my purse, coat pockets, mini van, couch cushions. At the end of the day, any loose change or cash goes in here. 
This is our fund. 

Big Smooshy Smothering Kisses, and we will trade them for all Her Tears.

One Day.