Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweet Mary

My Mother's Day is now complete! 
A few months ago, I was moved to begin a new journey in the midst of a lot of questions still hanging like strings in the air. 
For ten years, I've followed the tragic civil war in the region of Sierra Leone, Africa. The details of which are grisly, inhumane, terroristic. 

350,000 orphans.

Many, many orphans living in a city called Freetown, a place established by the British to provide refuge to formerly captive slaves in 1792.
These people would become slaves once more, in the proverbial iron gates of Diamond mines and the terroristic corruption of the trade. Ten years ago I read a book by Greg Campbell that would later be adapted into a movie called Blood Diamonds, it details the horrific scenes of the now defunct RUF soldiers, cutting off the arms of mine workers who may be caught with rough diamonds or coerced into becoming child soldiers often forced to murder their own families.
Diamonds can buy a lot of guns.

The RUF dominated the scene under a now criminally charged former Liberian President;
 Charles Taylor

Finally extradited from exile in Nigeria, he was found guilty of 11 charges, including murder, terror and rape.

These are the children that remain orphans from the civil war brought on by the greed and wicked intentions of power corrupted by the hands that were meant to govern in a town less than 200 years old that was destined to free them.

On March 20th, I asked God; what did he want from me?

He answered when I found a news story that night, about a family that adopted 8 children from Sierra Leone. 
After doing more searching on the Tennessean about the family's journey to adoption, I found The Raining Season

I bawled, and felt so compelled to get involved and just 'GO".

This year I've been blessed to have my kids healthy, happy and their Grammy that lives with us has granted me time to leave for a week on Missions with Cross Point Church, and volunteer there on Tuesdays. 
I've made some amazing friends from that journey whom I thank God for, I've had the privilege of serving on a worship team with amazing people, I've had fellowship and freedom to stretch myself out and be a whole version of myself and yet, something was missing.

This little girl...

Did I tell you that Sierra Leone has over 350,000 orphans?

I have been bursting at the seams for today, my first Skype with Mary Logan and this little girl is totally my child.

She does not enjoy talking on the phone, or at least Skyping.

Mary Logan has Cerebral Palsy, and perhaps even other issues that diminish her ability to hear. Having navigated the world of Special Needs my heart is in it for her.

Maybe when I get to visit, see her face to face we can have a better chance to hang out and let the sensory experience of the beach sounds, air and water in a natural environment enhance our time instead of a boxed screen and awkward communication

That's the next plan, VISIT.

Perhaps putting this out here is like casting my pearls before swine? 

Things I'm aware of; I'm a single mother, I have limited resources, I have two children and one of whom has a disability that requires fastidious care, I have a LOT of responsibilities on my own.

Things you may not be aware of; He's God, he knows my steps and the How, When and Where.

What I have to do to be ready: BE AVAILABLE


Let's Go, I'm ready....