Monday, July 22, 2013

Honduras in 10 Days

It was my 6th week (maybe 7) that I was temping at Cross Point Church, and there was momentum all around me. Different departments of ministry wrapping up summer camps, youth events, moving, missions, and a new series, new building, new offices, new, new, new.
The momentum was shifting constantly, and in the course of things I was praying about my own course.
What was next?
I have so much to be thankful for: a loving family, expanding my horizons in Sierra Leone, a music project fueled by an overwhelming dream, and so many other great ideas that come racing out of my brain for as many breaths as I take. 
What I hadn't done yet: Gain momentum, and listen for God's next calling to guide my steps.
I walked into the office the next morning, and over heard Jacob McGinnis talking to Laurie Stephens about the next Missions trip to Honduras. He was leading worship and wondered if anyone in the group sang since it was largely women going. And in two seconds flat, I blurted out..
"I'll GO!"
Laurie looked at me with pursed lips smiling and replied,
"Okay, you have 10 days."

Ten Days.

So this is what it's like to be my brother, an avid adventurer and Pro Surfer. Just throw everything in your bag, and Go.

Saying Yes, is EASY.

Believing what comes next, not so much. 

Oh, and I didn't have my Passport yet...

So, this is what followed.

In 3 days, after a few Facebook posts to a crowd funding platform for Missions called, through the generous donations of family and friends... I raised all the funds necessary to go, and had more left over to buy chickens, sheep-goats, and a cow.

A random tweet returned the sweetest Direct Message from Manny Martinez at Hello-Somebody, he was sending some of their Hello Somebody watches (I Love Them!) to take to Honduras for the trip. Manny, you are amazing!

By the fifth day, I had four volunteers (Kristil Lyle, Megan Jakes, Lisa Sanford and Pamela Hemphill) to answer the phones in my absence at Cross Point! YOU LADIES ARE AMAZING!!! And a HUGE thank you to my Mom and Bella and Dalton's Dad who would take on the responsibility of taking care of the kids in my absence.

Day 6, No PASSPORT...

Is this going to happen?

Day 7, drove down to Atlanta to see if they could expedite my Passport for travel by Day 10.  The morning of Day 8, I got in for a 9 am appointment. Filed, and told to wait until 2:30 PM,  anxiously pacing to see if I was approved,  I  walked around the streets of downtown Atlanta where I used to visit my Dad. I had no idea that I'd see one of the last places I had spent time with him as a child. That kicked up a huge lump in my throat. 

So, I had a conversation with him in my head as if he was still there, as if January 18th never happened.  The scheme still sounded as crazy as it did coming out of my mouth 7 days before. If he were here, I could hear him laughing.. his head drawn back and his tenor voice pouring out laughter like a song. As the sun sprawled over me on Peach Tree Street, I could see him smiling in the squint of the light. It made me happy, and it made me cry.

15 minutes later, I walked in the Passport Office to hear my name called. The Passport felt like a Golden Ticket in my hand. I walked back out onto the street, wanting to dance, wanting to scream!

Day 9, I retrieved Manny's gift of watches from the Post Office, and I spent time with my kids. Bella and I ran errands to get a few last minute travel items, and ice cream. 

Day 10, I was at the airport before the Rooster crows with a backpack, a suitcase, and a PASSPORT!

Oh, and by the way... I also found out about the San Francisco plane crash just seconds before we would be taking off and after one stop in Miami, on to one of the most dangerous airports in the world in Tegucigalpa. Holy Cow, here we go!!

Post Number 2, will have pictures and accompanying stories...

This is just the introduction to many adventures, this being the first to give way to a thread woven through many people and many different experiences...

Friends who have gone on this journey, I'm asking you for a favor.

Please email me, at with a picture, or two, or three and a piece of your story. 

I had such a great visual of these people by the last night, all of their faces making individual pixels that together became the face of Christ. These friends, were the hands and feet and light of the world for a week in a place of extreme poverty and endless faith. So little, and yet so much. My prayer is that they can share a collective on here, and that the thread woven between all of us keeps going and stretches into other places we may otherwise not travel. 

Parallel to what God was doing with me, my brother was getting ready to speak about saying "YES" at his church in Wilmington, NC with their Retro Series, I just watched it and am so proud of him and so thankful he has been praying for me to do this for 15 years. Man, you never gave up on me little brother and that is something I will always be thankful for and immensely blessed by! Here's the link to his own adventure Lifepoint Church - Wilmington, NC.

Stories, coming soon!

What's Next?

The Big Dreams: 
#1- Getting to Sierra Leone to see Mary Logan, and my newest little joy, Divine. Both have Cerebral Palsy and the caring hands at The Raining Season. Crazy Good Stuff!
#2- A music project that lends to linking music with Global and Local Missions
#3- Worship EP

And it's just begun... it's going to be a process, but I'm happy to say that I'm out of the proverbial boat, taking the waves one step at a time until Christ and I are face to face. 

Is it scary out here? Honestly, yeah.

But the boat was never the adventure, it was the catalyst.

So come on, Get OUT! 

The water feels great!